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Factors that affect the Automobile Industry

Posted on August 3, 2017 at 10:25 PM

Factors that affect the Automobile Industry

The invention of cars, buses, and other means of transportation has indeed made a great and full impact into our daily lives. With the help of many automobile companies, it has been made possible in today's innovation in the transportation system of every country.

It has been stated by many automobile industries that the industry continues to boom every year. But, there are some economic factors and other issues that tend to affect the auto industries. Many market analysts suggest to having these factors included in every manufacturing company to secure growth.

• Materials used

For every manufacturing company, it is essential to take note of this. There are different variations of cars with different materials and spare parts being used. There are steels, aluminum, and iron is used for making vehicles. The growth of every automobile company solely depends on the wise decision in utilization and purchase of materials from different suppliers.

• Human resources and labor

Although most cars and vehicles are being built by machines and other high technology robots, there's still a need for hiring experts especially engineers in the field of manufacturing. The designing of cars requires big costs of money spent on many machines and equipment. Every manufacturing technology also helps in the reduction of unemployment in a particular area where the company was established.

• Automobile sectors

Automobile companies must take this into consideration in dealing with their vehicles. The expansion of automobile industries duly depends on the customer's trends and choices. The customers' preferences when it comes to the choice of cars will affect the growth of a certain automobile industry. Another aspect or factor that most manufacturers tend to forget is the planning for the redesigning of their cars and vehicles. It is a choice of a company to fully redesign their vehicles annually. There are some suppliers who see that the longer the vehicle is in service, there is a great chance that the materials in the car need to be changed.

• Research and Development

Because of the continuing competition among manufacturers and many Automobile Industries, many of them decided to conduct an investigation and development team. Every manufacturer has the choice in upgrading their automobile systems annually. This aims for the development of more trends of vehicles that are likely to be patronized by many consumers. This also helps them in enhancing their services. The need to compete with other leading industries is one of the reasons why companies continue to upgrade and improve their system just to meet and even exceed the demands of many consumers from within and out of their countries.

• Government rules

One of the most important factors in the continuing growth of many Automobile Industries is the support of the government. The government is solely the one responsible for permitting foreign investors in this kind of industry. It is the government who basically permits every investor to invest in this kind of industry easily. There are also some incentives when it comes to tax wherein investors can easily export or even import vehicles without spending any cents.

The above factors merely affect the growth and development of an Automobile Industry in every country. Proper planning and analyzing can give a numerous increase in the sales of many automobile companies.


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