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The Growth and Development of Automobile Industry

Posted on August 14, 2017 at 12:50 AM

The Growth and Development of Automobile Industry

Over the past years, the word "Automobile" has been widely used by people. This has become a part of man's daily life. Spending hours or more in his vehicle is a sign that the automobile industry has widely been accepted by people.

During those times, the automobile was a luxury because only few can afford to buy a vehicle. Not until now when people are using the vehicle for many purposes such as for transportation that caters the people. Automobile refers to the cars and other vehicles being used by man. Today, the Automobile Industry continues to boom in many areas of the globe.


The automobile has become the means of transportation for people. It is not just a medium of transportation, but it also became a means of entertainment to people. Just like the F1 race, many are fond of watching this kind of competition that aims to entertain people with all the amazing cars with a high-speed feature. But there are some instances that because of races, loss of lives is happening. This has been the reasons for the strict implementations of rules and regulations for the safety or most automobile shows.

Time Advancement

Automobile Industry goes well with time. Many experts continue to develop cars with varieties of features. Some of the most expensive and well-known cars are the BMW and Ferrari. Today, the Toyota Company is the world's largest automobile company according to the world market. The automobile revolution happens as early as 1980. And this directly affects the economy of many countries such as the giant USA. The development of many vehicles has made possible the concept of loans for cars. Today, owning a car with the help of the banks and many loan agencies is very easy. There are varieties of cars from different automobile company that one can afford.

The cons and negative part

Automobile Industry is indeed a great help for men. Although man has been benefited by the wonders of vehicle technology, the smoke and gases from this vehicles seriously affect the environment. The use of gas for running an engine contains chemicals that directly affect the environment and the emission from vehicles affect the ozone layer. Some of the automobile companies have already come up with an investment in the development of environment-friendly vehicles. Such vehicles don't use gas but instead they are being charged. Many automobile companies continue to research developing vehicles that are eco-friendly and will not harm the environment.

Recent Developments

There is a recent development in the automobile industry. The automobile industry in many countries such as Japan, USA, and other European countries continues to boom. Reports have said that there is a great increase in the sales last month as compared to the sales of last year. But there are also some countries that notice the number of cars produced was a little bit lower than of last year.

As people continue to purchase cars, many automobile companies will continue to manufacture vehicles that are suitable for man's convenience and for transportation purposes. The growth and development of automobile have been recorded the increase in vehicle sales in many countries like India, America, China, and Japan.


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