Driving When Drowsy is No Difference When Driving Drunk

While there are many expectations, a lot of people are accountable and make the option not to drive drunk. Sad to say, a lot of them are guilty of driving when drowsy.

Some say driving drunk is riskier than driving drowsy. However, study shows that driving drowsy could be just as dangerous. Many studies have revealed that driving drowsy is almost the same for driving drunk with regards to reaction time.

New Jersey recently announced that an injury causing collision involving fatigue is now a misdemeanor offense. Expert's state drowsiness, as well as driver fatigue, is increasingly viewed as a criminal offense in a law of courts all over the place under the current reckless driving and car homicide laws.

You give yourself lots of reasons why driving while drowsily is not bad, but actually, it is not advisable. For instance, a lot of people state they know when they are going to fall asleep and manage it. On the other hand, that is not correct. You can tell if you are tired, but it is not possible to predict precisely when or if you will asleep. A lot of people who could not take naps during the whole day will think they are fine, but wrong again. All you want is a five-second micro-nap, and you can follow that up with a long dirt nap. A lot of people even feel that as they usually safe drivers. Somehow, they will keep safe drivers expediently leaving out the reality that it is hard to be a safe driver once you are asleep.

The solution here is very simple. Just don't drive when you are drowsy. The most important thing is to plan enough sleep in your everyday schedule. Must you feel sleepy behind the wheel, stop and take a short nap or take a rest for a couple of minutes before driving again.

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