The Importance of an "On-Time" Oil Change

Oil changes are a necessary part of regular maintenance for all automobiles. The oil change might seem like a waste because if your car is not leaking oil, then the same oil could be used for a very long time. However, regular oil changes can save people thousands of dollars in car repairs. This article will discuss the importance of proper oil changes and the long-term effect they can have on your car.

First, it is important to note that oil is the substance which lubricates all the parts which are necessary for the car to run. A car cannot run without oil as otherwise, the vehicle would grind all of its parts every time the car starts. If oil is not changed, it can gain material deposits in it which can clog up the engine and cause more damage. Oil changes are the best way to clean up the oil in a car.

Second, oil changes are necessary to help regulate the temperature of the engine. If a car's engine gets too hot, it will cause the car to stop running. That can be a significant inconvenience especially if you are traveling in your vehicle. Friction creates heat so clean oil without deposits in it is the best way to keep the engine fresh and prevent chafing.

Third, oil changes help prevent rusting and corrosion of crucial engine parts. Oil which gets chunky and dusty carries the dust throughout the car which can have other harmful effects on other parts of the car. Dust particles grind against the metal and when heated causes the parts to start their process of wearing out. When this happens to key parts holding the car together or specific belts, there is a great danger to your life.

Fourth, clean oil helps reduce the amount of gas you have to use in your car. Engines have to work harder if the oil is not clean inside the car because it has to grind itself harder to keep all of the parts moving. Gasoline has to be burned as energy to run all of the parts of the engine and more will be burned if the engine has to work harder.

Finally, oil changes preserve the life of a car and increase the resale value of your car. Regular maintenance increases the resale value of your vehicle because the less work that is done to a vehicle the more reliable the car is. Routine maintenance prevents the interior parts from decaying, and when trading in your car, this is an important factor to consider.

Oil changes are an important part of regular maintenance for all cars. Without oil changes, cars overheat, and parts wear down because lubrication is essential to keep an engine running smoothly. Oil which gets dust particles and dirt will carry these materials throughout the engine and continue to damage the parts. Aforementioned affects the overall resale value and the amount of time in which your car will run efficiently. Cars deflate in value quickly, so the less you spend to keep a reliable car, the better, which efficient maintenance can do for you.

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