5 Bad Habits That May Ruin Your Car

People like to listen to hundreds of tips on how to maintain your vehicle. Surely you know hundreds of tricks to keep the paint in excellent condition, as well as several hacks to maintain order and cleanliness of the interior. As well as some necessary parameters to extend the life of the engine and battery; however, there are several things that you may be doing that can have the opposite effect. There are some behaviors that seem innocuous and trivial, but in the long run can affect the overall system of your car and ultimately, endangering your safety. Likewise, they can suppose a more significant expense in repairs in the future. Here are few of this these habits, correct them before it's too late.

1. Not washing your car frequently

It seems silly because cleaning almost always refers to the aesthetic aspect, but in reality, that layer of dust that looks so harmless can actually be causing serious damage to the paint that will cost a fortune to repair and that will decrease the value of your vehicle. Avoid washing it sloppily, nor going into a car wash with rollers just to make it quick, because these often make micro-abrasions in the paint. It's better to take the time to wash your car carefully by hand (it will depend on where you live and the wash station), use products and waxes to protect the body and do not forget to do deep detailing every so often.

2. Drive aggressively

Some people accelerate on a whim or stops suddenly... They drive as if they were being chased by the police or as if they were the protagonist of a video game. In reality, this type of behavior only spends more fuel, overheats the engine, wear excessively the tires and unnecessarily punishes the clutch, transmission, gearbox, and differential. Causes above the car to leak fluid, may break some parts and can even cause engine revolutions to be affected. There's no need to accelerate sharply or force the engine without having warmed up.

3. Move the wheel when the car is stopped

When you move the steering wheel with the car stopped or off - you are exerting unnecessary pressure and friction. In fact, in the wheels, suspension, and tires there may be a ton of weight that will move difficultly on these systems, causing not only the imbalance in the suspension but also in the steering rack. That may not be a problem in more modern cars with power steering, however, forcing the movement in a stopped car can force the mechanism and accelerate its regular wearing.

4. Start the engine without heating it, especially in winter

Starting the car and accelerating quickly to warm up the engine causes wear on the vehicle's engine, because the oil (which protects the engine and allows its correct operation) has not reached the ideal temperature and will not be able to fulfill its function correctly. There's no need to leave it running for a long time, you just need to turn it on, wait a minute or two, and start moving and accelerate progressively.

5. Driving with fuel reserve

The fuel pump of the car must be submerged in the gas tank and must have enough fuel to ensure that it is still lubricated and fulfills its function. When you drive with the fuel reserve, you are producing higher wear on this part, which can easily be damaged.

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