How Stress Affects Your Driving

The way you feel, your whole mood, affects the way you behave in front of the wheel. When you're stressed, you can get more aggressive, more careless and defensive. A simple change of attitude can make a big difference in the habits when driving. Anyone could turn that moment of driving a car into a relaxing experience. However, most people have a very negative attitude when driving, they get stressed, and this affecting their performance. The road rage is a reality, and this is expensive regarding money and health.

Your state of mind has severe repercussions in different aspects of your life, not only in the way you relate to other people, but also affects your performance in various tasks. In fact, it has been proven that driving under stress not only can make you more prone to an accident but also can affect your vehicle more and make you spend more gasoline, which in the long run will weight your budget.

When you are stressed, you feel that time is not enough, so you hit the gas, suddenly speeding at a traffic light. That increases fuel consumption, in addition to wearing more brakes and tires. Also, stress makes you impatient; it makes you feel angry, it's like if the rest of the world is not going at your pace, they are too slow. This, coupled with the fact that you are driving a car, makes you even more reckless. You want to intimidate the driver ahead, to make him notice you, so you reduce the distance with the car in front, and this little habit increases the risk of collision.

Those conflicting emotions make you feel the desire to sink more the accelerator, to make the engine revolutionize, even more, you go faster and do not change gears when you must do it. That consumes more gasoline and wears out the engine unnecessarily. On the other hand, annoying and stressed driving also makes you more prone to disrespect traffic laws. Not only do you feel in the right to skip or ignore traffic lights, but you can make improper turns and violate other traffic regulations, and if someone catches you then you can end up with a big fine,

Stress also makes you irritable, tired, upset and makes you lose your temper easily. So you behave very impolitely, don't give way, maybe insulting other drivers. Guess what, this attitude makes you even more prone to accidents and even fights because of your bad mood. Also, stress makes you focus on those details that are bothering or worrisome, instead of paying attention to the way or what surrounds you. You are distracted, and that also makes you vulnerable to crashes and other accidents.

Living stressed is not beneficial for your health, it affects different aspects of your life and can put your life and that of other people in danger. It is better to take a few minutes, breathe deeply and calm down before getting in front of the wheel. Driving is a big responsibility, assume it consciously.


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