Must Have Items in Your Car

These things must be always in your car

Cars sometimes become small a "mini" if we spend a lot of time there it will be normal to have something to listen to music, snacks and even clothes, which is common if you have children. While it is true that you should not have unnecessary extra weight in the car, as this increases fuel consumption, certain things should never be missing from your vehicle, as they are basic objects that can get you out of trouble or that you will surely need in case of emergency.

Inside the vehicle:

First aid kit: there are small and cheap kits that contain the basics: medicine for a headache and fever, band-aids, disinfectant for wounds, gauze, pills for seasickness, scissors, among others. Remember to check it every so often to replace what may be expired.

Hammer: it sounds a little strange, but there are small hammers that can be used in case it is necessary to break the windows of the car to escape in the middle of an accident. They also sell a small tool that can be used to break windows or cut the seat-belt. It is worth investing in it and having it in the glove compartment.

Paper towels and/or wet towels: this is a basic because with them you can clean any accident that occurs with liquids, use them to clean and sanitize your hands or any surface.

Map: even in the age of GPS and smartphones, it is worth having a paper map on hand. They do not occupy much space and can be useful in case of extreme emergencies, where there is no electricity or telephone networks.

Extra Phone charger: phones are essential tools nowadays, they may be useful to call a towing service, an ambulance or the police. Also, using Waze, talking with family or friends over the phone consume a lot of battery, and it's worth being prepared for any inconvenience.

In the trunk:

Fire extinguisher: in some countries, it is required by law that all people have a fire extinguisher in the car to extinguish any small fire in emergency chaos.

Toolbox: you do not need a complete kit, some essential tools such as screwdrivers, tweezers, and wrenches will be necessary to solve small problems.

Empty container: a container or plastic bottle of one gallon or less can be used to transport water or gasoline in case of emergency.

Spare tire: and the tools to change them. That is basic and essential, as broken tires tend to be one of the most common problems on the road.

Jump-starting kit: if your battery is discharged or presents some inconvenience, it is possible that you get a good Samaritan to stop to help you, but it is convenient that you have the tools to do it.

Emergency signal: a reflector triangle is essential to indicate at night to other drivers in case your car breaks down halfway.

Flashlight: essential for nocturnal accidents. Check the batteries regularly.

Blanket: this is essential in winter, it can serve to protect you from the cold or use it as a pillow.

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