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"Last Saturday me and my spouse were driving back from San Diego to our house in Tarzana. After a great weekend vacation, we had the best mood ever. 20 minutes before we got home on the 405 intersection with 101 the overheat lamp in our Toyota Camry turned on. I pulled above to the shoulder on the side of the freeway thought if ill wait 10-15 to make the engine cooldown. I never experienced overheat issues before, and the car is 2013, brand new, and I am the first owner. Nothing happened after 15 minutes, and I did not know what to do. 

My wife suggested me to contact our insurance provider because we had some policy with a free roadside assistance. That is exactly what I did, and driver from "Los Angeles Towing Services" who is one of the vendors of our insurance provider was there within 20 minutes to help us.

We decided to tow the vehicle to the dealership in Van Nuys.

George the driver was very professional. It took him ten minutes to load the car on his flatbed tow truck. He is super careful driver and a very nice person.

Extraordinary service, from a very dangerous situation, worst mood, George made me and my wife smiling. Thank you, Los Angeles Towing Services"

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