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Los Angeles Towing Servcies
Los Angeles Towing Servcies

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Los Angeles Towing Services provides provides vehicle transportation and roadside assistance all over Los Angeles County. We offer battery jumps, tire changes, car lockouts, and more! Our journey began as a small business in the suburbs of L-A. As time passed, we expanded our team, and today, we are a familiar name in L-A, known for our reliable, competitive prices and excellent service. Our experienced drivers are strategically located throughout the city and are always ready to assist you, no matter the circumstances. Don't hesitate to call us at 888-866-7379 for free quotes and estimates.

 How much does a tow cost?In order to give you an accurate quote, we will ask you a few basic questions over the phone. You are in an emergency, so that conversation won't take over a minute. The first question that will help us give you a price is the current vehicle location and tow destination to determine the exact distance.
The second question concerns the vehicle's make and model. The price may vary depending on the car's size.
The third and last question concerns the vehicle's condition and what is wrong with it. Why do you want to tow it? Is it physical car damage or a mechanical issue? We may ask further questions to better understand and evaluate the situation over the phone, ensuring we provide you with the most accurate quote.

We provide roadside assistance on every street in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our drivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays and weekends. There is no task that can not be accomplished. We encourage you to save our number for your future needs, as we're always here to help.



We provide the following services 24/7/365:

<> Local Towing

<> Emergency Towing

<> Flatbed

<> Fuel Delivery

<> Tire Change on the Freeway

<> Jump Start

<> Transportation

<> Accident Recovery

<>  Exotic vehicle

Your Problems

Our Solutions

Dead Battery

Stranded on The Freeway

Fully Boosted Battery

Towed Safely to a Mechanic

Can't Start The Car

Towed Safely to a Mechanic

Keys Locked in The Car

Unlocked Car Within Minutes

Stuck in Ditch

Back on The Road Quickly

Flat Tire With a Nail

Spare Tire is on, Ready to Drive

Main Reasons To Choose Us: 

It is too complicated to explain in words why we offer the best emergency roadside services in the entire region.

-We are available 24 hours a day. Our drivers and technicians are always there for you no matter what conditions. Compared companies may find problems with weather conditions, working conditions, or vehicle mode capabilities for successful completion of the service. We use the most modern equipment, and our trucks are equipped with all possible tools (such as dollies, skates, low-clearance recovery, and more) to finish the job with a hundred percent success and provide the customer a maximum of satisfaction without any headache.

-If you take a few minutes and concentrate on a market survey of towing and roadside assistance prices in L-A, you will see that we are offering excellent and most convenient prices comparing to the market.
If you prefer to use one of our vendors, please click here to see the list.

towing los Angeles
towing los Angeles
Highest Safety Tow Truck Service

We have no doubt that LOS ANGELES TOWING SERVICES is among the cheapest tow truck & roadside providers in L-A.

-Our response times are from the highest standards, from the dispatching office who answers your phone call and transmits the required information to the driver who is the closest to your vehicle location. During an emergency situation, we know how to do the best efforts to reach the customer in distress in the shortest time to help and rescue him, and all that 24/7.

-We provide services within all the highways and freeways in L-A. From the simplest job of providing fuel for your vehicle and to the most sophisticated work of rescues vehicles after collisions and rollovers.

You are welcome to contact us for more details and further questions we will be happy to stand here and provide you with all the information possible. So call us today 888-866-7379.

Recommended towing & roadside assistance vendor in Los Angeles

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in roadside assistance all throughout the Los Angeles area using embracing technology, the growth of internal efficiency and more specialization in our industry. Our aspiration is to offer solutions to our clients and do so with going beyond standard expectations. 

How we work

The use of metrics for assessing critical success aspects has been a secret to the success of our company. We are developed by response time. That means the faster our operators respond to your call the more value you get. 

Our Goals

- To encourage excellence in teamwork.

- To improve our attention to ecological issues.

- To strive for enhancement in all fields of our company or business  

- To constantly promote the ethics and morals of our business practices.



Our Secret to Success 

Working wiser than the race and using most excellent practices has converted into success for our company. What is more, growth of our existing staffs and getting new talent is of utmost importance to the future success of our business. 

Our Values

- To work as individuals with perfect integrity, honesty as well as trustworthiness.

- To treat our clients and team members with respect and dignity.

- To empower our workers to be the best through constant training .


Community Outreach

We proactively support different private, public and charitable organizations using pledges of financial support, time, and goods. Our effort helps our partners in the community in a continuance of their efforts in the fields of education, public security, humanities and health and those plans that give for the necessities of low-income people and organizations. 

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Our Vendor
Effie (Google, February 2020)

Had a great experience! Quick arrival, professional service, I was back in the car and on my way in no time, highly recommend!

Melissa R. (Yelp, January 2019)

The dispatcher was very attentive, I was very impressed and would recommend them for any towing service you need in the Los Angeles area.

Josie (Yelp, January 2020)

I watched him during the whole process and he did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend to others.

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