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Low Clearance Towing in Los Angeles

If you find yourself in an indoor parking lot which has low ceilings, you may find yourself in trouble. Although ordinary vehicles can easily pass through those black/yellow entrance barriers at indoor parking lots, most tow trucks are not going to make it through them. So, what do you do if your car breaks down inside a low-clearance parking garage?

Luckily, we offer low clearing towing services for motorists whose cars have broken down inside these parking lots. We use purpose-built low-clearance tow trucks which are small enough to fit inside these enclosed spaces and can come to rescue your vehicle.

It’s common for vehicles to break down in these parking lots, perhaps due to a dead battery, slow-leaking tire, or being hit by another car while parked up. If you find your vehicle broken down inside an enclosed space, don’t despair! Call us at 888-866-7379 and we’ll send a helpful member of our team down there to help you out and get your vehicle to safety.

We listen to your situation carefully, making sure that we send out the right type of low-clearance vehicle for the job. We are available 24/7, and a dedicated member of our team is standing by to take your call and offer advice at all times.

We can tow vehicles out of any underground garage in Los Angeles area.

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