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Tire Change on The Freeways - 888-866-7379

We all know how dangerous it can be when you are on the side of the freeway, with a flat tire, waiting for help while other cars are passing you with a speed of over 60 mph. Try to avoid changing it yourself unless you really have lots of extra space on freeway shoulder. Call the professionals at 888-866-7379 and we will be happy to assist.

Some of our local freeways (I-405, I-101, I-10) are having very small shoulders and some of them are not lighted. Stopping on the side of this freeways for any reason can be very dangerous. For some of you, replacing a tire is an easy task that can be done within a few minutes in a garage or street side environment. When doing that on the side of the high-way is a different story. You need someone to be there behind you to light the working area as well as having emergency lights to make the cars behind slow down. Roadside vests are another critical item that needs to be on site to make the whole process safer.


Remember: Freeways are not the streets!

If you are on the freeway and looking for a free roadside assistance from "Caltrans" Click here

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