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How To Tow A Car Without A Key

First things first, it is always possible to tow a car without a key. What you need to know is what methods of towing and what equipment to use for a specific make and model of the vehicle.
In the beginning, you need to determine if the car is front, rear, or all-wheel drive. If you are not sure and you have no access to the car manual, you can google it or call the dealership.

We will discuss later the cases when the steering wheel is locked for any of the options mentioned above.

If flatbed towing is required, you can install dollies on all the four wheels in order to load and unload the car and be safe with all the vehicle options. If it is a rear-wheel drive, install the dollies on the rear wheels, whether it is a flatbed or wheel lift.
If the car is a front-wheel drive, install the dollies on the front wheel.
The more accessible option with a wheel lift is available if you only know for 100% if it is a front, rear, or all-wheel drive.

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