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Los Angeles Luxury Towing

Although supercars and luxury vehicles are very appealing to drive, they are often prone to breakdowns due to their powerful and intricately-designed engines. As a result, sometimes you require luxury vehicle towing services which are designed with these sleek and elegant luxury cars in mind. Here at Los Angeles Towing Services, we offer high-end luxury vehicle towing services in the LA area and nearby.
We can offer both local short distance and long distance towing for your luxury vehicle, ensuring that it is also moved in a safe manner which does not cause any further damage to the car.

Luxury Car Tow

When it comes to luxury vehicles towing, there are additional considerations and different methods which need to be used. For example, many luxury vehicles are very low down and close to the road surface for aerodynamic reasons – however, this means that they can become scratched and damaged if towed conventionally.
Because of this, our technicians use specialized tow trucks which are designed for luxury vehicle towing. These tow trucks see the car placed on a flatbed and then secured safely to the flatbed on the back of the truck. The vehicle is then “towed” to the garage, repair shop, or other destination of your choice, where it is safely removed from the tow truck without causing damage.

We understand that luxury vehicles are high-value assets for their owners, which is why we are very careful with them during the luxury vehicle towing process, ensuring that the vehicle’s bodywork is protected from damage at all times. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to transport your luxury vehicle safely, so you needn’t worry about further damage.

 Our drivers have experience with supercars of various makes and models, including brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. If you find that you need luxury vehicle towing in the Los Angeles area, why not get in touch with us today? 888-866-7379


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