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Jump Start by Los Angeles Towing Services

Did your car battery just died on you? You will need to jump start your vehicle in order to start the engine again. Luckily, you do not need to call anyone else - we are here to assist you to start the battery of your vehicle in just a short time. No need to disturb or ask for help from one of your neighbors or family members. Simply call us and you will get you the help you need.

We offer fast, safe and reliable jump start service. Your convenience is a primary priority for us. We make sure to equip our tow trucks with state-of-the-art towing equipment and all possible tools that may need for any road side situation. We promise that within less than 30 minutes you will be back on the road again. 

There are several possible reasons why your battery may die. It could be because you accidentally left the vehicle lights on for the whole night, or  your car's starter just doesn't want to cooperate. Whatever the case is, rest assured that you can always rely on our team to help you. Call us now 888-866-7379!

In some cases jumping your battery car with a help of cables and another car can damage both of the cars batteries, and needs to be done by a professional. Sometimes the car is parked in a spot where there is no space for another car to park in the front or the side of it. If for any reason you decide to do that yourself, make sure you read both of the cars manuals to make sure you doing that the right way.

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