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Wheel Lift Towing by Los Angeles Towing Services

Wheel Lift Towing is one of the latest evolution in the tow truck technology. This is an effective system that can be completely controlled from the inside of the truck and deployed with a hydraulic power. As the truck backs up to its target vehicle, the stinger that is a long arm part of the truck will extend out along the pavement behind the truck and will be attached to the axles by the operator.

The leading edge of your vehicle's wheel cradles in contact to the tires on the other side of it's to the same thing under the vehicle. The brackets will now be closed with hydraulics while cradling the tires on both sides. The bottom part of the two is lifted, and the drive wheels will come off the ground. That is now the time for the two trucks to pull away your vehicle.

With wheel lift, you are assured that the tires of your vehicle will be safe and free from unexpected damages. All you have to do is to seek for a towing service provider that makes use of an updated and a high quality wheel lift system to assure that once your car is towed, its tires will not be worn and torn due to poor quality of wheel lift system.

The vehicle can be attached from the front or the back depending if it is rear wheel drive or a front wheel drive vehicle. For all wheel drive the operator will have to use dollies in order not to damage the car.  The big advantage of that car that some of them are small pick up trucks that were converted to tow trucks. This small size vehicles can enter to any driveway or low profile parking lots.

In some cases a flat bed truck can't finish the duty since the gear is not moving from "P", with a wheel lift with dollies all the 4 wheels are in the air so it won't damage the transmission.

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