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Wheel Lift Towing | Fast & Reliable | What Flatbed Can Not Do

Wheel lift towing technology offers a versatile solution capable of attaching the vehicle from  the front or back, depending on its drive type. The operator can use dollies for all-wheel drive vehicles to ensure no potential damage. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for small pickup trucks that have been converted into tow trucks, as their compact size allows them to navigate any driveway or low-profile parking lot with ease.


In certain situations, a flatbed truck may not be able to complete the task, such as when the vehicle is stuck in 'Parking gear.' However, with a wheel lift and dollies, all four wheels are lifted off the ground, eliminating the risk of transmission damage. This innovative solution provides peace of mind, ensuring a smooth and worry-free towing experience.


Wheel Lift Towing, the pinnacle of tow truck technology, operates with unparalleled precision. This advanced system, controlled entirely from within the truck and powered by hydraulics, ensures a secure and accurate attachment to the target vehicle. As the truck reverses towards the vehicle, the stinger, a long arm of the truck, extends along the pavement and is expertly attached to the axles by the operator.

The leading edge of your vehicle's wheel cradles in contact with the tires on the other side of it to the same thing under the vehicle. The brackets will now be closed with hydraulics while cradling the tires on both sides. The bottom part of the two is lifted, and the drive wheels will come off the ground. That is now the time for the two trucks to pull away from your vehicle.

One of the primary advantages of wheel lift towing is the enhanced safety it offers for your vehicle's tires. Opting for a towing service provider that employs a modern and top-notch wheel lift system ensures that your car's tires are shielded from unnecessary wear and tear, providing you with peace of mind.


Emergency Towing: 24/7 emergency availability, highlighting quick response times across Los Angeles.

Roadside Assistance: Assistance with tire changes, jump starts, lockouts, and more.

Accident Recovery: Safe and efficient recovery services for accident vehicles.


Why Choose Our Wheel Lift Towing?

Safety and Care: Emphasis on the safety measures taken to ensure that vehicles are not damaged during the towing process.

Experienced Operators: Information about the qualifications and training of towing operators.

Fast and Reliable: Commitment to providing swift service to minimize inconvenience.

Affordable Pricing: Competitive pricing details, possibly with examples or comparisons to showcase value.

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