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The Best Car Wrap Shops in Los Angeles

Car wraps are an easy and affordable way to advertise your business and its brand or give your vehicle a fancy unusual look. All you need to do is find a professional car wrap company in Los Angeles. Once you tell the company what kind of design you want, they will proceed by creating a digital version of the design on the computer.

Car wrap in Los Angeles

After you approve the design, the technicians will print it onto vinyl wrap material with adhesive backing. From there, the technicians will apply the vinyl wrap to the exterior of your vehicle in a clean and professional manner. There won’t be any creases or folds in the vinyl whatsoever.

All the colors and imagery will appear as if they were painted onto your car. The difference is that car wraps are cheaper than paint jobs. Not only that, but it is easier to remove a car wrap than it is to repaint your vehicle. So, if you ever want to switch the imagery on the wrap, then you can easily replace it with another wrap at a minimal cost.

Below are three renowned car wrapping companies in Los Angeles that you might want to try out.

Arete Digital Imaging

Are you searching for a high-quality car wrap and graphic design company in Los Angeles? If so, then you should try Arete Digital Imaging. They specialize in designing graphics and creating car wraps for corporations and small businesses.

Their team consists of graphic artists, illustrators and other creative professionals who go out of their way to create original designs for their clients. They use highly innovative computer and software technology to make this happen. Their standard range of clients includes radio stations, marketing companies, universities, and film studios.

The vehicles they can wrap include vans, cars, trucks, buses, and fleets of vehicles. If you have any special events lined up, they can also create wall graphics, billboards, and other event signage as well.

Car wrap in Los Angeles


Exotic Car Wraps

Exotic Car Wraps can design vinyl wraps for cars, buildings, trade shows and fleets of vehicles. In 2010, they made headlines after covering the famous Hollywood sign with a vinyl wrap that spelt out “SAVE THE PEAK.” According to the Los Angeles Times, that was the most significant “cover-up” in the history of Hollywood.

The company truly lives up to its name because it specializes in designing exotic wraps for vehicles. People who own luxury cars and sports cars are frequent customers. You’ll also find small businesses and big businesses requesting help to make their cars more appealing and eye-catching to people.


3V Signs and Graphics

3V Signs and Graphics design wraps to enhance the brand name and image of their clients’ companies. Their main areas of focus for the designs are the imagery, colors and fonts. These three elements will define the brand image of any company. If you need window signage for your car windows, they can add vinyl wraps on those as well. It can be done in a way that still allows you to see through the windshield.



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